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Bright Area Business Association Monthly Membership Meeting

February 10th, 2017

Recording Secretary: Lori Enright


Call to Order (8 a.m.)- President Bebe Kinnett

Pledge of Allegiance- Lori Enright

Sheet passed around, followed by 30-second individual intro’s.

Waltz Woodworking delivered the wood base for the Chamber Award. Thank you!


Programs: Lori Enright introduced the month’s guest speaker: Ginny Faller with the Indiana Small Business Development Center- Free Business Consulting Services. Some highlights included:

Strategic Planning Services- funding, direction, marketing, demographics; covering all area of business to formulate a Strategic Plan.

What hurdles do you overcome for your customers- why do they need you?

What sets you apart?

Marketing Plan- do you have one?

Know your numbers: Dollars vs. number of clients, etc.

Concrete Goals- Have a timeline for goals

With Growth your objectives should and will change. Don’t get stuck- What worked in the past may not work now.

Activity creates outcome.


Great info from Ginny- thank you for joining us!


General Business Meeting- The January 2017 Minutes were posted on the website. All in favor, none opposed.


Treasury Report- Wayne Leslie

$500 Dues were collected Jan./Feb.

$5,904.72 Net Assets

$1k for Golf Outing

$75.14 Credit Card/Bank Fees

$100 Chamber Membership Dues


Vice President Report- Lori Enright

Lori passed out relevant and upcoming info for other groups. Other reports to follow.


Membership- 3 new checks as of 2/9/17. Website updated and online registration made easier.


Social Media- Lori Enright

Up to 150 likes to-date on the new FB page. Please remember to like and share with others to like. Send us your business info/specials, etc. for promotion.


Golf Outing- Jim Kinnett

$5k in Sponsorships to-date. 2 Gold, 2  Silver and 1 Bronze.

$500 Allocated to produce flyers and other necessary items.

Hole Sponsors still needed

Need Golfers/4-Somes

Giveaways/handouts needed- stickers, pens, magnets, etc.

Interested in helping? Contact Jim Kinnett or Dan Cross to join committee.

Snappy Tomato Pizza to sponsor lunch.

Motion for $500 for brochures, etc. 1st– Jim Kinnett. 2nd– Diane Bender. All “yay”. None opposed.


Festival- Diane Bender

Can coozies/huggies $$ up to $600. 1st– Dan Hawkins. 2nd– Jim Kinnett. All “yay”. None opposed.


Bylaws- Dan Hawkins

Bylaws are currently with the attorney and will be returned after review/recommendations, etc.


Old Business- N/A

New Business- Post Office Boxes. Would anyone be interested in a PO Box if there were one placed in Bright near Dan Cross CPA offices?


BABA-Q Update:

Committee Formed and to consist of: Debby Stutz (chair), Lori Enright, Linda Mitchell, Lisa Cox, Melissa Murphy.

February 21st meeting with Madison Chamber of Commerce to get ideas, suggestions, thing not to do, etc. More info to come.

Location at Bright Fire Dept.

Discussion of available dates- date confirmed for 10/14/17.

Will be putting together sponsorship packages.

Need volunteers AT the event. Will be taking volunteers in coming months.

Band- we need connections! Let us know if you have interested local bands.



Lori Enrght

Diane Bender

Chris Faller

Chris Taylor

Dan Cross

Mark Lutz

Art Little

Les Fin

Brad Putnum

Doris Gibbons

Tamara Taylor

Ginnie Faller

Jim Kinnett

Mike Armbrustor

Gren Gronwall

Celeste Calvitto

Teri Waltz

Jason Eckhoff

Alisha Sibert

Jackie Ohmes

Dan Hawkins

Kelly Will

Wayne Leslie

Bebe Kinnett


Meeting Adjourned @ 9am.