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Friday June 12, 2020 BABA Meeting Minutes for ZOOM Teleconference

Meeting called to order – Nicole


Golf Outing

                – Outing date has been moved to Monday, August 17th but still open to change if needed

                – What needs to happen now:

                                – still looking for Hole Sponsors

                                – need to get the word out for Golfers

                                – need to get the brochure out now that we have a date

                – We need to decide if we are doing a breakfast or a lunch

                – We need volunteers

                                – Debbie will volunteer to run the Registration Desk for the Golf Outing

                                – will also organize the volunteers

Debby is working on BABA Literature to pass out with area businesses

We are looking to reschedule the June Networking meeting At the Barn Winery

Terry is working on guest speakers for the next few months

High Point Health wants to speak to our group about what they are doing in reaction to Covid-19

                – Possibly as a guest speaker for August

Bright Festival and Parade are a go

                – What do we want to do for this year’s Festival?

                – Are we looking for Branding at the Festival?

                – How are we going to support the Festival since the Golf Outing is now after?

                – Should we volunteer as an organization to show our involvement?

                – Should we participate in the parade?

                                – For those that are not already participating?

                                – How do members get a shirt with BABA on it?

                                – Can Gypsy Wagon print the shirts for us?

                                – Shirt options should be collared or t-shirt

                                – Gypsy Wagon could set up a store front for BABA for individual shirt orders

                                – Nicole will reach out to Dave Schumate to see what volunteers are needed


Kim was presented a Grant of $1,167 from “One Dearborn” for Covid-19 Small Business Relief

Beacon Advertising:

                – We haven’t received a good response

                – Should we table for now?

                – 3 were interested and 2 maybe

                – The offer has been in 3 newsletters with little response

                – Table for now

Guest Speaker

                Dr. Mark Munchel, Optimum Chiroractic

                                – Dr. Munchel spoke with us about Managing Stress/Anxiety and Gaining Balance

                                – Managing Sympathetic and Para Sympathetic

Treasurer’s Report – Kim – Total Bank Balance for May is $12,504.63 (total for both accounts)

BABA Mail Box – Kim was able to secure a new PO Box for BABA at her location

                – New Address will be: 24048 Stateline Rd, Suite 103, Bright, IN  47025

                – Unfortunately, the box is currently laying on its side but the mail carriers are delivering to Kim’s office directly


Nicole Wuestefeld, Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home

Kim Joerger, Tri-Force Fitness

Lonny Barnett – Secretary, Edward Jones Investments

Bebe Kinnett – Past President, AWM

Nick Bader, First Financial Bank

Jim Kinnett, JKCG

Rick Hughes, Millennium Business Systems

Mark Munchel, Optimum Chiroractic

Amy Fryman, Friendship State Bank



Thank You,