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Bright Area Business Association- January 9, 2015 Meeting Minutes

8:05am: Meeting start and intro/greeting by new President, Greg Gronwall

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Thank you to Bebe Kinnett for 4 years of service as President and website development, maintenance, hosting, etc.
  • Happy Birthday Jim Kinnett
  • Approval of December Minutes; – all “yay”

Dan Cross- Treasurer’s Report

  • 2014 YTD Total Revenue and Support: $24,006
  • Net Assets: $7,949.30
  • Net Assets available: $4,529.30
  • Please contact Dan with questions/concerns
  • 501 C-3: Formal submission of application; determination letter needed for many corporation donations to BABA. Became incorporated 1/7/15 at a cost of $26.00. $400.00 fee to file with the IRS.


  • New visitors/Members: Michael Ames (Work One), Tom Snapp (Register Publications).
  • Announcements/Accomplishments: Bright FD- 950 Emergency responses in 2014, 2nd largest FD in Dearborn County (in responses), overall improvement in response-times.
  • Bright Beacon- Congrats on being named the Sunman Chamber Business of the Year

Vice-President: Jim Mansfield- no new business

  • Please continue to share, not just like FB posts. This increases BABA’s social-media exposure

Membership Committee: Mike Ames, Matt Davis (Chair), Terry Hahn, Diane Bender (payments, etc.).

Programs- Celeste Cavallo: Beacon as Golf Outing Platinum Sponsor

  • Speaker line-up: February- Mark Graver; IVY Tech Pres., March- Todd Listernman; Dearborn County Engineer to discuss road-work in Bright, April- Field Trip to Dale’s farm to see the cattle “From birth to burgers” (Mr. Lutz’s words) Date TBA, May- After-hours at Trinity Dry Cleaners, June- Jud McMillan; legislative report (tentative)
  • All confirmed dates and events are posted on www.brightareabusinesses.com

Festive- Diane Bender: no new business; keep basket donations in mind!

Golf Outing- Greg Gromwell: May 8th, 2015 at HVL

New Business- Membership pamphlet to be printed as a useful membership-blitz tool. Greg would like to update this, but needs help from volunteers. Bebe volunteered, but please suggest ideas.

  • Motion to print at a $250 max made by Bebe Kinnett. Diane Bender to 2nd. “All yay”.
  • Motion to print golf outing registrations at $300 max made by Greg Gromwell. Wayne Leslie to 2nd. “All yay”.

Website- Website needs to be freshened up. Outdated site is losing prominence on Google = reduced click count. Bebe Kinnett (Absolute Web Designs) provides hosting and most maintenance at no-charge; expenses for technician’s time and software licenses are billed at-cost.

Featured Speaker- Dan Cross, CPA/Cross Point Employment Services

  • Some topics include: Payroll for new businesses, how to pay yourself legally, how to borrow legally from your own business, how to pay your spouse/children as employees, self-employment taxes, social security collection, IRS traps, trouble areas for small businesses, penalties, etc. Important: Per the IRS website, Dan announced that this discussion is not to be taken as accounting advice, and to be advised by your paid accountant for specific matters.


  • Discussion of donating some money from Golf Outing to the Lions Club for their contribution of the building for our meetings.
    • Don’t miss the Pancake Breakfast in March at the Lions Club to show your support. More info to come. Please consider joining.

Adjournment of meeting- Next Meeting Friday, February 13th, 2015. (Friday the 13th).

Author: Lori Enright, Eagle 99.3; BABA Co-Secretary