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Bright Area Business Association- Minutes

14 March 2014

Approval of minutes (February)

Discussion of B.A.B.A tour of Lawrenceburg Event Center- great tour.

Bebe warned of the increase in website hacking- Suggests to use secure passwords.

Treasure Reports- Dan Cross absent; money has been collected.

New Members- Martha Kersey, Terry Hahn, Amanda Ewbank; invite your friends and thanks for joining!

Golf Outing Report: Greg Gromwell

– fliers out, in good shape with sponsors to cover expenses

– golfers will bring in the additional revenue

– recruit/encourage friends to participate

– 30 (foursomes) max

Bright Festival: Diane Bender

– coozies ordered (purple and camo)

– pens

– 7/25-7/26 (dates)

– signup to volunteer at BABA booth

– will do baskets again this year; need donations

– sell raffle tickets

Publicity: Jim Mansfield

– Share BABA posts on Facebook; increase visibility

– Twitter; trying to use more this year

– Social Media leadership pages

Upcoming Schedule-:Celeste Cavallo

– April: evening meeting, Wed 4/9 at Bright Fire Department (5:30p)

– April regular meeting at Merchants Bank (Business meeting for golf outing

– June: Eric Kranz (sp?)

– July: Jud McMillan at the Beacon office

– August: field trip to Tri-Township Water

– Sept: Southeastern Career Center

Today’s speaker: Chip Perfect

Intro: Celeste with Bio

– Looking out for the interests of business people

– Backgound: why run? Qualifications, involvement in community, leadership roles

– Biggest weakness: too successful, lack of public understanding of risk taking; entrepreneuship

– Explanation of the change of leadership; information age

– Goals for self and employees- keep it simple:

1. Exceed expectations

2. Do the right thing

30-second commercials:

Lori- auction starts Monday

Les- Transferring license to Quest Capital

Martha- Juice Plus; program free for child with adult subscription

Kate K- Can do all electrical work

Joanie- Business Coaching; Mary K

Peggy- Looking for advertisers

Larry- TBN/thank you for attending his wife’s funeral

Jim K- help businesses expand throughout U.S.; economic development education

Greg- handle/involved with monthly bills you pay; review rates

AJ- business events, marketing photos

Matt- D.C.H. Bright Physical Therapy; new patients welcome

Wayne- repair/customize firearms; no longer “dipping” guns, etc.

Pat- HVL golf course; 2014 membership deals

Jim M.- 32-in. tv giveaway; listen and find right protection

Denny- seeking Harrison Township Trustee position

Ken F- Fay Service; maintenance, wood-finishing, electrical/plumbing work

Debbie- June 7th ; safe-shredding day at Merchants (this date may have been changed to 6/28)*

Dale- lack of inventory, lots of buyers, weekly auctions

Diane- April 1st; ice-cream opens, flea-market (May 10th), Lenten fish specials

Terry- looking at ownership opportunity at Booher and Taylor

Celeste- next paper distributes in a week; now at 18k distribution

Bebe would like to thank Celeste for all the advertising done for BABA

Bebe- buying out a web design/hosting business. Hiring an intern/p.t. position, customers to expand nationally

Becky- introduction

Submitted by: Lori Enright