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Bright Area Business Association
Meeting Minutes
November 11, 2011

I. Call to order

Bebe Kinnett called to order the regular meeting of the Bright Area Business Association at 8 am on November 11, 2011 at The Beacon in Bright, Indiana.

II. Roll call

The following people were in attendance: David P.Lynch, Attorney at Law; Jim Mansfield, Mansfield Insurance Agency; Ken Fey, Fey’s Services; Greg Gronwall, ACN; Dale Lutz, Cornerstone Realty & Lutz Auctions; Dan Cross, Dan Cross, CPA; Peggy Waltz, The Beacon; Celeste Calvitto, The Beacon; Kate Karaus, All Safe Security & T-Systems Electric, and Bebe Kinnett, Absolute Web Designs.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes had been distributed by email and posted on the web site. Minutes were approved.

IV. Leadership Team Reports

a.) President — The website continues to be a success. We have had 286 visitors, which has more than doubled from last year’s hits of 125. The most popular page is the Home page, Directory is the 2nd, About page is the 3rd, the After Hours information was 4th and the membership list was the 5th. Bright businesses and specific names were searched.

Last night the Chamber of Commerce Banquet was held and our Celeste Calvitto received the Entrepreneur of the Year” award. Congratulations Celeste! Celeste thanked all those from our group that attended the banquet and supported her.

b.) Vice President- None

c.) Treasurer – Treasurer’s Report, we had 2 new members and a year-to-date $1650 dues received, Festival income of $465 donated to the Bright Firemen, with a balance of $1,181.55.

d.) Membership -none

e.) Publicity –

Programs Dan Cross was our speaker. Dan is a CPA and spoke about “Year-end Tax Planning. At this time of year, it is important to shift income and expense and take advantage of the laws that are out there. The energy credits are slowly diminishing. Dan discussed 401K’s, Roth and other investments. Just a reminder: these are my opinions not tax advice! There are so many provisions out there, just remember to do what make sense for your business.
Also, congratulations to Dan on his second grandchild being born earlier this morning.

f.) Open issues & New Business

Dale Lutz volunteered to hold the January meeting at his auction place. We decided to hold an evening meeting on January 19, 2012. Dale will show us around and explain the function of being an auctioneer and how it all works.
Dale also mentioned that homes are selling.
The December 9, 2011 meeting we will be electing officers. Please contact Ken Fey if you wish to run or nominated someone for office. At this time, we have the following running for office: Bebe Kinnett for President; David Lynch, Vice President; Kate Karaus, Secretary; Dan Cross, Treasurer; Diane Bender, Membership and Celeste Calvitto, Education/Publicity.
Next meeting will be at 8 am, Friday, December 9, 2012 at The Beacon.

V. Adjournment

Bebe Kinnett adjourned the meeting at 9:15.
Minutes submitted by: Kate Karaus