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Updated Dec. 12, 2016:

The Bylaws draft below was not approved by the membership.  A Bylaws committe was formed and presented a new version of the Bylaws.

Published Nov. 8, 2016:

Click here to Download the By-Laws Draft:

By-Laws Download

At the October BABA meeting it was announced that we, as an organization, need to complete the progress we have made with regards to being incorporated.  What that means, is that we have final documentation that needs to be voted upon my the membership of  BABA.  The documentation is the By-Laws, the guiding principles by which we operate.

We will still need to meet with an attorney to get help in regards to which direction we decide on the non-profit side.

We will be voting for passage of these By-Laws at this Friday’s monthly BABA meeting.

Attached to this email is a set of the By-Laws.

It is critical that we adopt these By-Laws so that we can move forward with our election process which starts this month of November with the nomination of officers—President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.  The election of officers for 2017 is scheduled to take place during the December 9th BABA monthly meeting.

Please take the time to read them and be prepared to vote on these By-Laws at the upcoming meeting on Friday, November 11th.


Reminder:  Meeting start time is 8:00 AM at the Bright Lion’s Club located at 2160 Lamplight Drive, Bright, IN 47025.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at our meeting.



Greg Gronwall