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The Dearborn Co. Chamber of Commerce honored Celeste Calvitto (The Beacon) with the Businessperson of the Year Award on November 10th.  They released the following:

•  Businessperson of the Year – Celeste Calvitto, The Beacon, Bright.  Celeste bought The Beacon in 2009.  At that time it was a community publication mailed to about 5,000 households in a small part of Dearborn County.  Under her ownership, The Beacon is now a full-color, broadsheet newspaper that is distributed to nearly 15,000 households in parts of four Indiana counties and the neighboring state of Ohio.

Celeste Calvitto Entrepreneur of the Year

The Bright Area Business Association had 9 people attend the Chamber Dinner where Celeste received her award.  Attending were: Jim & Lisa Mansfield, Christopher & Faith Sondles, Kate Karus, Greg Gronwall and Bebe Kinnett.

Celeste is an inspiration to the members of the Bright Area Business Association and the entire community.   Her commitment to the Bright Area is evidenced by her dedication to the significant growth of The Beacon.  In addition, she supports our our organization by serving as the Program Chairperson,  inserting advertising for BABA in the Beacon, providing a location for our meetings and also providing refreshments at the meetings.  Celeste is an outstanding Bright citizen, and we also call her our friend.  Congratulations Celeste!