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Meeting called to order and Pledge of Allegiance led by Nick Bader VP (Nicole had services). Mark (membership) also out
this month.

Sign in sheet was circulated. Introductions were made around the room. We had an impromptu discussion of the local real estate market and the impact of a rising interest rate environment. It would appear some are practicing striking matches while others are tuning their fiddles!

Previous meeting minutes have been posted to the website (thank you, Bebe!). Motion to approve the minutes as presented was made by Bebe and seconded by Lonny. Motion passed and minutes approved. Jim Kinnett then took the opportunity to embarrass your Secretary by sharing it was my birthday. He then forced the group to sing Happy Birthday. Mr. Kinnett, from your devoted Secretary – when you least expect it, expect it!

Kim provided Nick with the Treasure’s Report. Balances at First Financial ($6589), Civista ($2426.75), and PayPal ($125.52). Our thoughts are with Kim this coming month. We’re with you kid!

To date, we have 28 paid memberships. Reminders are to be sent soon and unpaid members will be removed from the website roster at the end of the first quarter. Get those memberships paid! And remember to tell a friend you think would enjoy membership and networking in a casual group setting!

Golf Outing Update – Jim reports we’re still waiting on Civista and FCN but they are expected. Lonny reports St. E is onboard. A brief discussion about the need for day-of-event volunteers and folks willing to help with preparations throughout March and April. Leadership Committee will be leaning into this heavily in March! Save the Date and know that any helping hand you can lend towards the event’s success will not go unnoticed!

Newsletter and social media – please direct your topics/ideas/shareable content to Melissa or a member of the board. We welcome your input and creativity!

Bebe discussed the initiative for “Broadband and Digital Inclusion”. Dearborn county is one of 5 counties receiving a $15k grant from Purdue and Duke Energy towards this project. One Dearborn will be the go-to point on this, and our own Bebe Kinnett is serving on the task-force that is shaping the local effort. Bebe has shared a link to the outline of the project Bebe then welcomed suggestions from the group. Great discussion as to a “classroom” approach to project awareness and tech literacy skills for small businesses. Such potential for each and every business to capitalize and improve upon.

Without further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Jim. That’s a wrap for February, and if you did not send Bebe or Terry a birthday card, shame on you. addresses are available on the BABA Website. Pay those dues and keep your address on there too!

Respectfully – T. Hahn, Secretary