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Minutes of Bright Area Business Association meeting
February 8th 8:00 AM

President’s position –Mike Armbruster, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 8:02 and announced that Niki Campbell resigned as President. Bebe Kinnett was nominated and elected to the position.

New Program Chair position – Celeste Calvitto has accepted the new position of Program Chair and vacated the Secretary position. Future meetings will contain an education or informational component with a presentation that would be relevant to all members. Anyone with suggestions of possible topics or speakers should email Bebe.

Web Site Stats – The web site is one of the major advantages of Bright Area Business Association membership. The directory is the second most popular page and many individuals do Google searches to find specific members. The web site offers an additional way for members to be found on the Internet. The majority of hits are from the region. In 2010 there was an average of 126 hits a month and in Jan 2011 there were 127 hits.

Change in meeting date – The meeting was changed from the first Tuesday of the month to the second Friday of the month. In the past, there were several holidays on Monday with a meeting on Tuesday which made it difficult for members to attend. Members present agreed that Friday would be a more convenient day for the meetings. In addition, the first week of the month is a busy week for members.

New meeting locations – Future meeting will be held at various locations and members can check the web site to find the location of the month. The March meeting will be at Merchants Bank. Other meetings may be hosted at various member’s businesses. Any member interested in hosting a meeting should contact Bebe.

Leadership Team – Volunteers needed! As the new President, Bebe requested volunteers for a new Leadership Team. A variety of volunteers means that the responsibilities would be shared by numerous people and not be a burden on any one person.

Membership Chair – Diane Bender volunteered to be Chair and Dan Cross volunteered to be on the committee. This group will contact potential members to increase membership and participation.

Publicity Chair – Terri Vetter volunteered to publicize the meetings in local free newspapers and register the web site in free on-line directories.

Secretary – A volunteer is needed to prepare the minutes of the meetings.

Introductions – Everyone in attendance introduced themselves and gave a brief description of their business or announced news or events. It gave members a chance to share and become aware of the numerous resources in the organization.

Discussion of the direction of the organization – The purpose of the organization will be to develop a network for business members and to support each other. Meetings will include topics of interest to members and the opportunity to learn more about other members and their businesses. The goal will be to start the meetings on time and limit the meetings to 1 hour.


The Northern Kentucky Small Business Expo will be on April 28 from 8-2:00. There will be approximately 100 booths. Bebe will have a booth and will get approximately 10 free tickets. Anyone interested in using one of these tickets should contact Bebe.

The Beacon has moved to a new location at Tedesco Plaza.

The North Dearborn Pantry is in need of Donations for the Chocolate Festival on April 29th. This is their biggest fund raiser of the year. Donations could include baskets filled with items/gift certificates or individual items/gift certificates that could be combined with other items to create baskets. Anyone interested in donating should contact Diane Bender.

Next Meeting – March 11th, 8:00 at Merchants Bank & Trust. Charlie Blankenship will provide a $25 gift certificate as a door prize. Must be a member to win the door prize. Let Bebe know if you would be willing to provide a door prize for a future meeting.

Treasurer’s report provided after the meeting:
Total Credits 2,291.00
Total Debits 1,868.29
The balance is 422.71

Submitted by Bebe Kinnett, President