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Bright Area Business Association

Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2012


  1. Dinner

Dale & Rachel Lutz provided sandwiches, chips, soft drinks, cheesecake and Rachel’s famous home make lemon pie.


  1. Call to order

Bebe Kinnett called to order the regular meeting of the Bright Area Business Association at 6 PM on January 19, 2012 at Lutz Auction Center.

  1. Roll call

The following people were in attendance:  Greg Gronwall, ACN; Dale & Rachel Lutz, Cornerstone Realty & Lutz Auctions; Dan Cross, Dan Cross, CPA; Celeste Calvitto, The Beacon; Diane & Mike Bender, Logan Supermart; Jim Kinnett, The Kinnett Consulting Group:  and Bebe Kinnett, Absolute Web Designs.;  Tom Orschell, Dearborn County Commissioner; Mike Armbruster, Bright Four Seasons Landscaping; Ken Fey, Fey’s Service; Gary Duncan, Gary Duncan Construction LLC; Susan Brown, Merchants Bank & Trust; Tricia Moore, Merchants Bank & Trust; Philip Kuhn, North Dearborn Branch Library; Paul Ravenna, Ravenna Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.; Jody Blasdel, Tri-Township Water Corporation; Nancy & Jim Holland, Wag’n Detail Mobil Pet Salon; Mike Schallick.

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes had been distributed by posting them on the web site.  Minutes were approved.

  1. Leadership Team Reports

a.)    President —  Bebe Kinnett reviewed the 2011 web site stats. The website had approximately 120-140 hits a month from Jan. through May.  The peaks season was June through October with 200-625 hits a month.  November and December started the slower season again with about 125 hits a month.  The most popular pages were the Home, Directory, Membership List, Membership Form and Coupons pages.  At least a dozen members were found on the Bright Area Business Association web site and then visitors clicked on the member’s web site.  Our web site is helping visitors to find our member’s web sites.


b.)   Vice President–   David Lynch is attending the Bar Association Leadership program.

c.)    Membership –Diane Bender introduced 2 new members, Gary Duncan Construction & Nancy Holland, Wag’n Detail Mobil Pet Salon.    Diane used her coupon from Vista Print to create free post cards for the Association.  She distributed these attractive post cards to members to display at their establishments.  All members and guests introduced themselves and gave a description of their business.  Numerous testimonials were given by fellow members.  Mike Armbruster stated that at some point he had done business with every member in the room either as a customer or a business.  The value of members supporting members was discussed.  Nancy Holland came to the meeting in the Mobil Pet Salon and invited everyone to look at the Salon after the meeting.


d.)   Treasurer’s report –Dan Cross gave an informal report.  We had income of $100 for 2 new members and no disbursements.  We have over $1200 in the account and need a budget.  Dan requested that members email a Board member with suggestions on how we spend the money.  Last year we spent approximately $600 on Koozies distributed at the Festival.  We will also have expenses associated with the golf outing.  Dale Lutz suggested that the organization help to replace the worn out flags hung for the Festival.

e.)    Golf Outing–Greg Gronwall announced that he and Jim Mansfield met to discuss the Golf Outing.  He is exploring dates and locations.  Preferable dates are in May or June.  Donations for door prizes will be needed.  Publicity will be the key to getting a larger turnout.

f.)     Programs   Celeste Calvitto introduced Dale Lutz


V.  Open issues & New Business

Diane Bender announced the fundraiser for Ron Tibits. Rob Tibbitts was shot in the back during a home invasion on Ruth Avenue in September, 2011.  A benefit is being planned for Rob on Saturday, February 11th at the St. Leon American Legion. They are planning a turkey dinner, DJ music, a television raffle, split-the-pot drawings and multiple basket raffles. Please contact Diane by calling Logan Supermart @ 637-5204.


Dale Lutz gave a presentation on the auction business and how his family became involved.  He disclosed that years ago he learned to talk so fast by practicing 12 hours a day for 13 days at auctioneer school.  His first item auctioned was a set of canning jars and his most expensive personal property item was a piece of grimy furniture that almost got thrown out but ended up being a $27,000 antique.  Dale’s presentation was extremely entertaining and had the group laughing at his unique experiences.   Thanks go out to Dale for a fun meeting!


Next meeting will be at 8:00 am, Friday February 10, 2012 at the Beacon.


Bebe Kinnett adjourned the meeting at 7:30 PM.

Minutes submitted by:  Bebe Kinnett