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Bright Greetings, and Happy New Year to everyone! Proud to present the minutes from our first meeting in 2022!

Events of note:

*BABA ribbon cutting for new member Bright Nutrition was held 1/10. Welcome Bright Nutrition!

*Mardi Gras Dearborn County King/Queen charitable auction to be held at Lutz Auction Barn 1/20

*Dearborn Co. Chamber presents Lunch and Learn 1/25 11:30-1PM at Ivy Tech riverfront campus. Speaker is Mark Policinski, CEO of OKI Regional[TH1]  Council of governments. Discussion of the recently passed Infrastructure Bill and it’s anticipated local impact.

January 14, 2022 BABA Meeting[TH2]  held at Bright Lions Building

sheet was circulated.

Pledge of Allegiance was followed[TH3]   by attendee introductions.

Treasurer’s Report was provided by Nick (Kimberly unable to attend). Collected balances from our three accounts total $19,628.91. With outgoing expenses, net balance will be $9,122.19. Group moved to accept the treasurer’s report.

Membership Report Mark reports we have 25 paid memberships already for 2022. We have 3 committed sponsors as well. *NOTE: It has been decided that non-paid memberships will be removed from the website roster at the end of Q1. Get those memberships paid – we want your participation and energy!

Secretary’s Report Minutes from December Meeting were provided to Nicole, but have not been circulated as of this meeting. No worries! They will be included with these minutes and posted online for review. Membership will be asked to approve both at the February meeting.

Golf Outing Leadership had discussed a need for additional assistance with day-of organization and prior preparations. It’s A LOT to throw together at the last minute, but last minute tasks are unavoidable. Some discussion of forming some sub-committees to address these details. Please contact Lonny to ask where you can help! Megan S. suggested a volunteer/committee online platform that’s used for volunteer task updates. I took this as it’s a tool being used by the schools. Great idea. More to come. This outing is our biggest fundraiser, but Nick encouraged everyone to feel free to offer suggestions for new fundraising ideas. All ideas are good ideas!

Education/Guest Speakers Jay Knowles has stepped into this role for 2022 (thanks Jay!). Please contact Jay if you can offer ideas for speaker OR AS A MEMBER YOU HAVE A TOPIC TO OFFER INFO ON! In 2022, we would like to offer members an opportunity to speak to timely topics they may see directly in their businesses! jknowles@kwcom

And speaking of just that, our guest speaker for January was the incomparable DAN CROSS! He attended with his son and business right-hand man Kyle Cross. Dan spoke to some tax year-specifics associated with the American Rescue Plan, as well as changes in the 2021 form 1040. His presentation was caught on video by Meghan, and recorded by yours truly via OTTer. *I won’t paraphrase on Dan’s behalf. Tax matters are best addressed with your tax consultant. If you don’t currently have a relationship with a tax professional, Dan is a seasoned pro. Thank you Dan for your time and presentation!

Meeting concluded with our Membership Raffle. Winners were:

*Kyle Cross – Logan’s Supermart gift card

*Kinnett Consulting – Snappy Tomato Pizza gift card

*Doris Gibbons – Casey’s Outdoors gift card

*Bebe Kinnet – At The Barn Winery (Bebe, you and Jim are taking me with you when we ring that bell!).

With no further business or comments from the group, Nick entertained a motion to adjourn. Motion made by Doris as she skipped out the door on her way to Casey’s.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully – T. Hahn, Secretary