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Bebe Kinnett opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Lori Enright. Introductions went around the room.  Guest speakers were Ken Hilton and Larry Craig from the American Legion. They are interested in chartering an American Legion in Bright and wanted to let us know how beneficial an American Legion could be in Bright.  Both were very informative. The Legion would be open to soldiers and families.

Financial Report: Wayne Leslie reported the balance $7,009.22 Les Finn made motion to approve.  Jim Kinnett 2nd.  Motion passed.

Golf Outing:  Jim Kinnett needs golfers to sign up.  We have 2 Gold Sponsors.  Need hole sponsors.  Joni Helton volunteered to coordinate volunteers for the outing.  Jim presented the new brochure. Very nice.

Membership: There are 47 paid members in BABA

Festival: No report, Diane was not in attendance.

BABA-Q: Details are coming together.  Southbound Sound, Michael T & Friends have committed to play at the event.  Several others including EC Jazz Band are interested. We will need lots of people power on the day of the event.  A list of volunteer opportunities will be available in May.  Sponsorship packages will also be available in May.

Bylaws: Recent changes are not back from Attorney recommendations; vote tabled

Bebe mentioned the wonderful article about Diane Bender in the past Beacon. It was mentioned about how important it is to like and share BABA Facebook page.  Let Bebe, Lori or Debby know if you have anything about your business to post.

Next meeting is April 20, At The Barn Winery, 6:30pm.

Motion to adjourn was Dan Hawkins. Terry Hahn 2nd.  Motion passed.


Terry Hahn

Joni Helton

Jim Kinnett

Bebe Kinnett

Dan Hawkins

Debby Stutz

Les Finn

Wayne Leslie

Lori Enright

Teri Waltz

Alisha Siebert

Lisa Cox

Jim Mansfield

Chris Fallor

Tamara Taylor

Celeste Calvitto

Jason Eckhoff