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Nicole called the meeting to order @ 9 AM

Nick led group in Pledge of Allegiance

Sign in sheet was circulated. members present: 

Eoghan Reade – Cincinnatus Savings

Zac Greive – Work One

Tamara Taylor- The Beacon

Tonya Wolfe – Preferred Rate Mortgage

Patty Riebsomer – George’s Pharmacy

Rick Hughes -d Millenium Office 

Amy Fryman – Friendship State Bank

Nicole Wuestefled, Pres – Andres – Wuestefeld Funeral Home

Nick Bader, VP – First Financial Bank

Terry Hahn, Sec – Huesman Schmid Insurance

Mark Munchel, Membership – Optimum Chiropractic

Membership update (Mark) -2 new members paid/34 total

Treasurer’s report – (Nicole presented – Kim could not attend) – total cash all accounts was $20,687.60 as of 4/30/22.

Golf update (Nicole presented – Lonny could not attend) – 20 teams paid/28 hole sponsors paid. 20 raffle items committed. We’ve had very good volunteer response to make this year another success! Congrats and THANK YOU to Lonny for his hard work on this event!

Digital Inclusion Project – BABA was a recipient of one of the $15k grants under this project. We will have a complete “redo” of the website with assistance and training provided under this program. There is a training scheduled for 5/31 that will need some members to attend (I believe Mark, Nicole and Nick will try to schedule). We will establish a Web-Site Committee for member interest and participation. Feedback from ALL members is encouraged!

Upcoming Events – 5/26 Casey’s Outdoor Solutions holding an evening event. Food and fun will be there, courtesy of St. Leon Skyline and At The Barn Winery! 6/11 will be an evening BABA social event held at At The Barn Winery. Live music will be provided by some schmuck, Come anyway!

PRAYERS are asked for our friends Kim Joerger and Jim Kinnett. Let’s lift up good thoughts for each of these dear folks!

Member Discussion – Just the night before, Bright VFD announced the difficult decision that they were unable to continue the Bright Festival this year. Many thanks to this group for all they do for our community and neighbors. It is understandable that the demands of their services and limited members have forced this decision. There was discussion as to the Parade and if BABA members would be willing to volunteer to continue this event. Dale Lutz coordinates this long-standing tradition, and BABA will ask about assisting. The parade date is 7/30. WE NEED MEMBERS TO VOLUNTEER to jump in and help out!

Hand-in-hand with the discussion of Parade involvement is the discussion of focusing on that weekend as a shop local/promote local businesses effort. This could be an opportunity to put BABA in front of our local business owners and their customers! Good ideas around register counter signage featuring scannable barcode that links to our FB page or Website. This would be a great opportunity to drive benefit and value to members and potential members alike, as well as kind of energize our group for the future! 

Other Parade discussion included who is the organizer, insurance for the event, and possibly changing the time to an earlier start. 

With no further business, a motion to adjourn was offered by Terry with a second by Nick.

Meeting adjourned. 


Terry Hahn, Secretary