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Bright Area Business Association
Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2011

I. Call to order
Bebe Kinnett called to order the regular meeting of the Bright Area Business Association at 9 am on March 22, 2011 held at the Merchant Bank Community Room in Bright, Indiana.

II. Roll call
No roll call was conducted. The following persons were present: Bebe Kinnett, Jim Kinnett, Kate Karaus, Celeste Calvitto, Martin Eisele, Paul Kunkel, Dan Cross, Marilyn South, Diane Bender, Sue Wagner, Melissa Wiseman, Lee Ann Rincks, Andrew Rinck, Jody Blankenship, Casey Knigga, Dale Lutz, Kenneth Fay and Terri Vetter. Guest Peggy Waltz.

III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
No formal minutes were read from the last meeting.

IV. Leadership Team Reports
a.) President -Bebe Kinnett gave a report on the website activity.
b.) Vice President– no report
c.) Treasure – Martin Eisele gave the treasurer’s report. We have a balance of $422.71 after dues have been collected and expenditures paid. A motion was made to add the President’s name to the treasurer’s account and approved.
d.) Programs– Celeste Calvitto discussed meeting locations and door prizes
e.) Membership -Diane Bender reported that there will be a membership campaign starting in May.
f.) Publicity -Terri Vetter reported on various free publicity for our organization and members.

V. Open issues
a) Kate Karaus volunteered to keep the minutes.
b) Terri Vetter won the door prize of $25 given by Charles Blankenship.
c) Information on the Fireman Festival and parade was given. It is always held the last full weekend in July. Bright has the second largest parade in Dearborn County and help is needed the day of the parade.
d) Each person introduced themselves and gave a brief explanation of their business.

VI. New business
a) Kelly Will from the Small Business Development Center handed out folders to each business to follow along while she presented information about the various programs available to local businesses for free or at a very low cost to the business owner. Her office in Dearborn County is at Ivy Tech.
b) Dale Lutz brought up the need for local news coverage for the Cincinnati Inquirer
c) Celeste Calvitto has moved The Beacon to the Tedesco Plaza and will hold the next meeting at 9 am, Friday, April 8, 2011.

VII. Adjournment
Bebe Kinnett adjourned the meeting at 9:15 am.
Minutes submitted by: Kate Karaus