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Bright Area Business Association
Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2012

Call to order

Our November meeting of the Bright Area Business Association was held at the North Dearborn Library on November 1, 2012 at 6:00 pm.

Roll call

Members and Guest listed below with 1-minute introductions.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes had been distributed by posting them on the website.  Minutes were approved.

Leadership Team Reports

a.)    President –Bebe Kinnett reminded members and guest that the elections are next month.

b.)   Vice-President – None

c.)    Membership –Added one new business:  Hooper Termite & Pest Control, Tom Hooper.  We have 38 members.

d.)   Treasurer’s report –Dan Cross was absent.  No Treasurer’s Report.

We want to thank  Phil Kuhn, Branch Manager, North Dearborn Library, for allowing us to use the meeting room.  The library will be having their Open House Thursday, November 9, 2012.  The board members and the artist will be there from 6-8 pm. 

The Meeting was turned over to Bebe Kinnett and Jim Mansfield who conducted a training session on Social Media and how to use it, such as Facebook, LinkedIN and others.  Bebe, owner of Absolute Web Design, is well-versed in web site designs, optimization, social media and has her own server to name a few.  Jim, owner of Mansfield Insurance Agency, uses many of the Social Media and not only has experience with many of them, but is very knowledgeable.  Jim use of the Social Media concepts have had a positive effect on his business.

They each gave many tips on using Social Media.  Just to name a few types of social media:  LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and of course, facebook.  And there are more!!   Many people had their laptops to follow along with their presentation.

Jim mentioned how important “branding” is for your business.  You want people to remember your brand and if you don’t have a brand, get one!!

Greg Gronwall added how to add “video” to the presentation.  All-in-all, this was a very informative meeting.  Jim and Bebe did a great job and we all agreed that their could be many more sessions on this subject.  The library was a great place to hold this meeting.  There was enough room for everyone.  We want to thank Phil for hosting this meeting.  Also, want to thank Bebe and Jim for their presentation and also Greg for his input.

New Business


VI.  Introductions–Tom Hooper –new member, Hooper Termite & Pest Control

Diane Bender, Logan Supermart,  Featuring pizza and ice cream.  Special–2012, pizza, 2 hoggies for $20.12.  No more ice cream, it is officially closed!

Jim Kinnett, The Kinnett Consulting Group–a funding resource.

Joni Hilton, Mary Kay Consultant, lives in HVL for 18 years.  Mary Kay has a new skin care line.  A line for men.

Joni had an announcement:  The  Southeast Indiana’s first Women’s Business Expo will be Friday, November 16, 2012 at the Greendale Cabin.  There will be two (2) sessions 11-2 and 5-8 featuring products, services and business opportunities for women from local companies.  Admission is free, door prizes and food available.  Additional information:  bizexpoinfo@gmail.com.

-Jim Mansfield, Mansfield Insurance Agency.  Has all lines of insurance. Jim loves social media and will be joining Bebe November 1, at Dearborn Library on Dearborn Road, providing social media information and some training.

Ken Fey, Fey’s Services, is our local handyman helping with that “honey-do” list.

Wayne Leslie, High Noon Guns and Archery.  We do light gun-smithing and customization, restoring bows and custom dipping.

Celeste Calvitto, The Beacon, The Beacon has a distribution of 17,000 and growing.  There are several coupons in The Beacon.

Bebe Kinnett, Absolute Web Design, has its own server and can host your website.  She maintains our website as a volunteer

Kate Karaus, T-Systems Electric, LLC and All Safe Security, Inc.  We can handle all your electrical and security needs.  Just give us a call.

-Dale & Rachel Lutz, Cornerstone Realty and Lutz Auction Service, Jud McMillan, Kevin Lynch, Greg Gronwall, ACN, Sally Blankenship, Scott Mitchell, Judge Blankenship, and Art Little.

A few people dropped in after the attendance sheet was passed around.  Please forgive me if your name was not listed.


The next meeting will be 8:00 AM on Friday, December 14th at the Merchants Bank,  24004 Stateline Road, Lawrenceburg, IN  47025.  We will have the election of officers and a presentation by Angela Black on How WorkOne can help your business.

Meeting adjourned  at 8 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Kate Karaus