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BABA Meeting Friday, October 14, 2016

Bright Lion’s Club

CALL TO ORDER:  President Greg Gronwall called the meeting to order and welcomed attendees to the Bright Area Business Association.


ATTENDANCE / ROLL CALL:  Members told who they were and what their company is.

GUEST SPEAKER:  Dearborn County Commissioner Mr. Kevin Lynch.  Celeste Calvitto introduced Mr. Lynch.  He spoke about the I-74 Bright Corridor study that has been active this year.  It is winding down.  The County put $40,000 into the study.  OKI Regional Government Organization put in $160,000 into the study.

A final proposal will be presented which will consist of the recommendation of road improvements and meeting up to date codes.  Mr. Lynch reminded us that Stateline Road was a 17-year project In the works.  It should be wrapped up in the next 30 – 45 days.

Mr. Lynch spoke about the recent announcement of the Indiana Ports.  Lawrenceburg will be a new port in the Indiana port system.  This is will have a huge impact not only to our area, but 5 neighboring counties and several different states.  There will be economic as well as physical growth to our community.   It will probably be about a 2-year time frame before the location is operational.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING:   Minutes for September 2016 meeting were posted on the BABA website   www.brightareabusinesses.com

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Dan Cross unable to attend today’s meeting.  No report.


  • President—Greg Gronwall
  • Vice President—-Jim Mansfield
  • Membership—Cari Vuko—not present
  • Social Media Publicity—Jim Mansfield
  • Program Chairman—Celeste Calvitto—we have our meetings scheduled through January 2017.
  • Golf Tournament—Greg Gronwall—nothing to report
  • Festival—Diane Bender—nothing to report


  • Road Sign Committee—Celeste Calvitto, Jim Kinnett, Tad Feiss and Mark

Lutz. Per Celeste Calvitto—Nothing To Report.


  • BABA President Greg Gronwall introduced the topic of the status of BABA. Jim Mansfield took over discussion as asked by Greg Gronwall.  As we became incorporated almost 2 years ago, we have not completed all the necessary documentation to operate.  Jim Mansfield discussed that we should consult with an attorney to make sure of the necessary documentation and the proper procedure to move forward.  BABA member Melissa Scholl was the recommended attorney to consult.   Bebe Kinnett made a motion that Jim Kinnett, Dan Cross, Jim Mansfield, and Greg Gronwall meet with Attorney Melissa Scholl.  Motion seconded by Diane Bender. In Favor—All.  Jim Mansfield will contact Attorney Scholl to schedule the meeting.
  • Bebe Kinnett—Dearborn Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting. The Annual Chamber Dinner Meeting this year is Thursday, November 10th at the Lawrenceburg Event Center.  There are silent auction items that are a major part of the fund-raising portion of the event.  Bebe Kinnett made a motion that BABA allocate $150 to fund a silent auction basket.  Jim Kinnett seconded the motion.  In Favor—All.
  • The Bright Area Business Association can be listed in the Hidden Valley Lake (HVL) Directory for $50. Motion made by Bebe Kinnett that we are included in the HVL Directory.  Seconded by Celeste Calvitto.  In Favor—All.



  • H7 Connect Networking Group has invited BABA members again this year to their Annual Christmas Luncheon—Thursday, December 8th at Market Street Grille, 205 Harrison Ave, Harrison OH 45030. Time is 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  Cost to attend is $15.00—includes selection of a lunch entrée, beverage, and gratuity, networking opportunity and festive spirit.  They are asking if you attend to consider bringing a $10 Gift Card to a local fast food restaurant and they will be given to needy families at this time of year through City of Refugee, located in Harrison.  Director is Rosanne Moore.

NEXT MEETING IS FRIDAY, November 11th—–BRIGHT LION’S CLUB   Start time is 8:00 AM.  Dearborn-Ohio County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard is our guest speaker.

ADJOURNMENT:  Motion made to adjourn by Art Little and seconded by Wayne Leslie.  In Favor—All.  Meeting adjourned at 9:17 AM.


In Attendance at this meeting:

Bebe Kinnett

Greg Gronwall

Mark Lutz

Mike Schallick (guest)  Dearborn Coatings

Art Little

Dale Lutz

Dan Hawkins

Kathy Barnum

Wayne Leslie

Diane Bender

Jim Mansfield

Les Finn

Celeste Calvitto

Linda Mitchell

Teri Waltz

Alisha Siebert

Cari Vuko

Jim Kinnett

Kevin Lynch

Robert Sinkhorn (guest)  Affect Partners, LLC


These minutes respectfully submitted  by President Greg Gronwall