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Oct Newsletter

BABA has a new format for the meetings.

• News on what is going on with the association.
• Updates on scheduled events that we are hosting or are up to consideration for us to be involved with.
• Website activity
• Advertising opportunities and deadlines
• Guest speaker
• Instructional/educational speaker
• Introduction and each member will have an opportunity to update the association on any specials or new things happening with their business.2 minute platform maximum. Please limit to news of your business only.

Last week, our guest speaker was Jeff Hughes (our commissioner).
He spoke to us about the Stateline/Salt Fork Rd. project. We decided that BABA is going to host a “town meeting” at the Library on North Dearborn Rd on November 16th at 7pm. This is an informative meeting to educate the business owners and citizens of the plan of the county and for the county to hear feedback. The Bright Beacon has donated space in the November issue advertising this event.

BABA is also working on putting together a Craft Fair next fall. If you are interested in being on the committee, please let me know.

We are also hosting a charity event at Spanky’s. My new Club/Sports Bar on Mt. Pleasant Rd. The Charity of choice is Operation Thank you. Again…we are looking for a committee. I will supply food, beverage and entertainment. Time is of the essence on this one. It is scheduled for December 10th.

The deadline for participation in the Bright Beacon next month is
Dec 5th. Please let Martin know if you plan to be involved and make payment arrangements with him.

Our website activity…..since we published it:
412 new hits
57 returning
Last month:
83 hits
3 returning
The most popular pages are the home page, directory and coupon page. So please if you have a special going on, let Bebe know!

Our guest speaker will be Gary Puckett of Fly Pod Media. Please join us! I realize this is Election Day. Gary has had the opportunity to interview many of the candidates.

Most importantly…participation and new members have to be priority. Our meetings are the 1st Tuesday of every month at Sugar Ridge Golf Club at 8 am.

Niki Campbell